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Maplewood was originally called South Orange Township in 1861, but didn’t officially become Maplewood until 1922. It nearly as beautiful today as it was all those years ago. And the weather is every bit as harsh as it was back then.
The winter temperatures can fall below zero, and the summer months can max out over 100.

While that 100+ degree swing can wreak havoc of you, think what it does for the siding on your home, lumber your deck is made of, or the concrete or pavers that your sidewalk or driveway are made of. While you can go inside to escape the elements, all of those things remain in the weather, day in, and day out.

Power Washing Maplewood NJ - Essex County Power Wash & Painting
Power Washing Maplewood NJ

The best, most cost effective way to maintain your house, deck, sidewalk, driveway or fence is to keep them clean. And the best way to clean them is with a professional power washing. Power washing gets into the natural cracks, holes and divots that are impossible to reach with soap, water and a brush. Not to mention; it’s pretty hard to get up to that outside peak of your house with a brush.

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Essex County Power Washing use high power machines that reach every inch of your house to clean it of all the unsightly dirt and grime. Often times, you don’t even realize just how dirty your house is, until you see the difference after cleaning it.

Having the complete exterior of you home clean and sparkling will increase the value of your entire estate, just based on “curb appeal”.

Contact Essex County Power Wash & Painting today to see what we can do to improve your house, deck and more!

My home was actually never cleaned. To tell the truth; I never even knew there was a real process to wash a house. One day I noticed something going on at my neighbors across the street. When I asked her what the guys were doing. She told me about power washing. I looked across the street at my house, and hired Essex County Power Wash on the spot. A few days later, my house looked just as clean and fresh as my neighbors.
Marge, Maplewood, NJ

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